Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer
Research Foundation

P.O. Box 992
Bangor, Maine 04402-0992
Telephone: (207) 942-0222
Web address:

Grant Program:

The Foundation supports graduate medical scholarship programs and university medical/pharmacy related research projects. As of April 11, 2014, the Foundation will consider grant applications only by invitation. No other applications will be considered, except institutions with a current grant outstanding may apply for a renewal under the prior application process.

Principal investigators with questions must go through their institution's office of sponsored research, which, in turn, will contact the Foundation Secretary via email or phone. The Foundation does not work directly with principal investigators.

All formal applications must be mailed to the P.O. Box and received by the deadline. Note that courier services do not deliver to the U.S. Post Office. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

Updated November 4, 2015